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SAFY of NV Special Friends Newsletter: May 2014


Specialized Alternatives for Families & Youth


Issue: #5

May 2014




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SAFY Parents Shout Out

A Sweet Donation

The New PSR Worker

A Sweet Gift

May Shout Outs!






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Kristina Weckesser







logoDear Special Friends of SAFY-

    The month of May is our special time to recognize the amazing work our foster parents do on a daily basis with our children. A SAFY foster parent is unlike any other parent. A SAFY parent has to embody special characteristics and go through specialized training to understand how to help our children heal. A SAFY parent has to have compassion, empathy, patience, and a nurturing disposition. A SAFY parent understands that his or her foster child comes from a place of hurt and pain. A SAFY parent takes time to build trust, believes in endless teaching possibilities, and will patiently wait for a SAFY child to return love. A SAFY parent sees the good in each child. Our SAFY foster parents are very special!  Not only are our parents an important piece to making our kids successful, but our special friends of SAFY too. Due to your generous giving and support to SAFY of NV you provide special opportunities for our foster parents to extra spoil our kids!


Kristin Weckesser







SAFY Parent’s Shout Outs!



May is National Foster Care Month. The best foster parents are SAFY Parents! Many SAFY parents took time out to finish the two statements below…. Enjoy!!


I’m a SAFY foster parent because………


…”he tells me daily that he loves me,” Jesus Calleros.


……”I’m making a difference in a child who has been removed, It’s gratifying to see how love, peace an tranquility can help a child,”  Elsa Samuel.


….”I love children, I have the compassion, patience and nurturing to make he difference in a child. I love increasing my knowledge and passing it onto the children in my home,”  Alga & Sam Smith.


….”of the consistent support I receive from the SAFY staff,” Alex Bernal.


….”I always wanted to help kids. If my parents weren’t able to care for me or I couldn’t care for my daughter, I would want someone who could fill the gap with love and nurturing,”  Marti Brown.


…”I’m committed to assisting children, families, and team members at SAFY with the best guided practices in mentoring at risk youth and developing long term goals of success,”  Tamela Fahie.

…”these are children in the most need, where I can do he most good,” Steve Hamilton. 


…”the experience in life with foster care is valuable, foster parents are heroes. Foster parents where invisible caps. Foster parents suit up everyday and show up for our children. Foster children need love, kindness, understanding, wisdom, and patience. Foster children are looking for capes because the capes are invisible, but the parent has arms to hold and comfort each child,”  Patricia Jackson.


….”we believe that treatment children are far more likely to be bounced around when they are put in traditional foster home, where specialized training has not been provided to deal with diagnosed children. If my husband and I could just help one treatment child get trough this tough time in their life, then we have been blessed,’ Elena & Russell Milano. 


My foster/adoptive child is special because…..


….he has been through so much trauma and he is still the cheerleader of the house,” Eric & Nelson Center.


….he came at the right time for my husband and me. He gave us what we were lacking, a son of our own. We love that he appreciates and loves us,” Jean & Vernon Hix.


….they are so loving and trusting. They brighten or days with their laughter and make us proud of their progress,” Patricia & Robert Garcia.





The Heart of a SAFY Child


One day, a little girl named Jewel aged 7, overheard her SAFY caseworker talking about a donation that was made to SAFY of NV. Jewel has always been a very giving and caring girl. She is always concerned about others and loves helping whenever she can. Jewel insisted on helping SAFY of NV too! Jewel quickly disappeared to only re-emerge with a little heart filled with all of her savings of forty cents and a letter to SAFY. SAFY of NV is very proud of Jewel. This is just one of many examples on how great our kids are at SAFY of NV.





There’s a new PR worker in our neighborhood!


My name is Kelsie Fahr and new to the North office, but not new to SAFY of NV. I have worked for Second Start as a PSR worker for almost two years before transferring to the foster care side of SAFY. I’m an extremely energetic  and athletic person who enjoys working with kids.





The world needs S’More Foster Parents Like You!


Our SAFY Parents received a special gift yesterday for Foster Parent Appreciation Month. Each family received a S’mores in jar kit! It will be a ooey gooey goodness!





Upcoming May Events


Ohana Festival:  May 10th from 10am to 4pm at the Springs Preserve. $6.00 adults, $4.00 children, 4 & under free. Lots of family friendly games, vendors, activities. Plus SAFY will be there!


The Parenting Expo: May 31st from 10am to 4pm at the Cashman Event Center. $5.00 for adults.

Lots of informative resources for parents.

SAFY will be there!








April Shout Outs!


R&J Productions: For donating 40 tickets to pirate fest 2014

Las Vegas Assistance League: For donating 24 teddy bears.

Centennial Hills Medical Hospital: For donating 33 Easter Baskets to our younger children.

Beta Sigma Phi/Laureate Chi Chapter: For donating 11 Easter Baskets to our Second Start children.




SAFY of Nevada  4285 N. Rancho Rd. Ste.130 Las Vegas NV 89130

(702)385-5331  www.safy.org


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